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10/15/19 06:27 PM #7    

Marvin Chosky

Thank you Ricky. This was the best tribute I have ever read. The sad thing is when we lose freinds, spouses, relatives, and teachers, we lose unique memories. 

RIP Cappy


10/15/19 07:50 PM #8    

David Slavkin

Another thank you, Ricky. I did not know your Cappy in school nor in the years that followed, but at the 50th I could only smile at the freedom of spirit that he exuded on the dance floor.. The pleasure that he gave that otherwise somber collection of geriatrics helped all of us shed a few years, and with your words now, a few tears. God speed.

10/16/19 08:50 AM #9    

Tom Allison

Nice piece of writing, Rick.  You really made him come (back to) life for those of us who did not know him well -- and surely brought back strong memories for those who did.  Too bad the man himself is not around to read it.

10/16/19 09:42 AM #10    

Henry Henry (Herskovitz)

Remembering the time Cappy and Hobbs(?) poured some water into an overheating, AIR-cooled Corvair. They used the crankcase opening, designed to accept motor oil. When Hobbs noted that the radiator (totaly missing) must have been very small, Cappy responded "It's a small engine!"

And Rick, it's comforting to know you're watching over the rest of us.

10/16/19 12:34 PM #11    

Richard Horowitz

Henry, you are so correct.  I remember doing that with the Cheese.  Of course, it was the beginning of our being stoned as often as we could get weed. I think it was Lyle's car that we borrowed. And being Jewish we knew nothing about cars other than to drive them.

I could go on and on about Cappy since we have been buddies since Bar Mitzah days. I visited him in Hawaii and Thailand and he came back east to visit me in Boston and the Cape.   AND he was always the same!!  Most of us go through some evolution of seeing the world or ourselves differently,  but not Cappy.  Consistent to the end. 

When he came to visit me, it was always a high light time for my four sons.  He would take them to the fields or the basketball court and play until they were exhausted and this is when THEY WERE TEENAGERS. It must also be mentioned that Cappy was the slowest eater anybody ever knew.  We would be cleaning up after a long meal and he was still eating.  I believe it was on purpose so he did not need to help.  You know a single man is not the best guest, per both of my wives' comments. 

But at party time, Cappy was at the top of his game.  Vodka was his drink of choice.  If he had a crowd around him music playing and some Vitamin V you were in for a good time.  To commemorate his love for the drink, we who were at attendance during the funeral each took a large shot of his favorite brand then poured the rest of the bottle on his casket in the grave and buried the bottle with him.  We could feel his appreciation for our friendship. 

So my best to yinz all from the Burg. As they say (whoever they are), you can take the person out of Pittsburgh, but you cannot take the Pittsburgh out of the person. We all have that soot in our blood and tough exterior that has supported us through these 73 years. But within our souls, we are loving and compassionate people as evident in how we talk about each other now. 

Embrace the journey, we have a lot of miles ahead.  Best to all, Hobbs

10/16/19 02:29 PM #12    

Roberta Sakolsky (Mann)



When we were young many years ago Cappy would come to my house and we would sneak cigarettes. We were probably 12. We had so much fun then, grade school and thru the years of graduation.

At the 50th reuntion it was so nice to see him. Even though we were surprised to see him at the reunion Saturday night was such a great memory of him. We danced with him, laughed and it was so nice. Even though he did not remember us he had a great time, and brought tears to our eyes.


Ricky and Hobbs, what beautiful memories you wrote about, my best friends are still my Pittsburgh girls. We get together and share so many happy memories. I hope that all of us have many more years to share and laugh.

I was on the reunion committe every year that we had one, it was great. We lost 2 really important members and I guess we won"t be having anymore reunions. Its nice to be able to share memories on our page.

Roberta Mann


10/17/19 06:36 PM #13    

James Obringer

I'm very sorry to here of Steve's passing. But what came through for me was one friends love for another. We can all only hope that we would have a friend like Rick to share our lives with. I was very touched by his post. Rest in peace, Cappy !

10/18/19 09:46 AM #14    

Joseph Sack

All of you have done so right by Cappy.  I'm pleased to be a classmate of yours. 

I wrote directly to Ricky about his wonderful piece.  Hobbs, yours was exquisite! 

I think Cappy would have been very touched by all your kind words.  I definitely know how much I am.

My best to Cappy and to all of you!

Joe Sack

10/19/19 03:57 PM #15    

Shari Klein (Weitzner)

I didn't really know Cappy. But as a result of your astonishing and unforgettable writing, Ricky, I do now. Thank you.

10/24/19 07:23 PM #16    

Emelie Berlin (Schwab)

Ricky and Hobbs......what beautiful tributes to Cappy.  All who knew him are so sorry for his circumstance and you really captured his fun and laughter.  THANKS

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