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Frank Raspey

Frank Raspey

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05/06/21 03:12 PM #1    

Philip Mason

Although I don't remember Frank from high school, I remember talking with him at reunions and later emails. He was interesting and interested in the notes I posted to our website. My condolences to those who knew him better.

05/07/21 12:21 PM #2    

Bill Kramer

Oh Frank - 

I remember the days at Sterrett and in Point Breeze (our gang). I rember the judo and karate practice and the time we almost had to use what we learned. We will miss you. Happy trails until we meet again. (see Photos and videos/elementary school)


05/07/21 12:26 PM #3    

Michael Brourman

   I don't remember Frank at all from high school. But, we connected a few years ago on Facebook and communicated regularly there and via Messenger. The wonders of the modern social media area. He was a funny and very opinionated guy. Fortunately, a lot of our opinions were consistent. We had other things in common as well: Frank met his beloved wife, Anne, 20 years after high school while traveling. I met Masha even later in life the same way. Our last online conversation was about the boundaries of Regent Square and Point Breeze; more specifically about the streets he, Guy Dent and Tom Beckett had grown up on. That was only a few weeks before he passed away.

    Although he was born in Germany and had lived in the Cleveland area for the past twenty-plus years, Frank absolutely loved Pittsburgh. He was a rabid Steelers fan and this last season was a roller coaster ride for him, as it was for most fans. When they were 11-0, he so wanted to believe that they were a great football team, but like most of us he had some doubts. Losing to the Browns in the playoffs was a nightmare for him, living among Browns' fans..

    I knew about Frank's death shortly after it happened. His wife, Anne, posted a  message on Facebook. She has left his Facebook page up for the time being if anyone wants to check it out.  There are some wonderful photos of him with Anne, his family and his beloved rescue dogs.



05/07/21 01:36 PM #4    

David Slavkin

Frank and I first met on the Old Message Forum in 2014. He thanked me for posting photos of Jimi Hendrix's memorial in Bellevue Washington. His obituary certainly details his down to earth and varied interests. The inscription in the attached photo celebrates our "love of life, pass it on."

05/07/21 07:32 PM #5    

Jaquelin Bazell (Mejak)

I was shocked and saddened when I read of Frank's passing.  His memory will remain in my heart forever...such a gentle loving soul...til we meet Our Gang).  RIP dear will be sorely missed.

05/08/21 12:45 PM #6    

Tom Allison

RIP, Frank!  Great that you survived all those years of being a Steeler fan but living in Cleveland.  You have earned your spot in heaven!  We knew that you had a stroke a few years ago, as you shared that on the website; I hope your last years were more full of joy and happiness than struggle.  Thanks for the poems you sent me -- Walt Whitman of the blast furnace!  And for your contributions to "Pittsburgh and Steel Making" as seen through the eyes of the TAHS 1964 boys of summer -- the blog within blog that several of us contributed to as we reminisced about summer jobs in Pittsburgh.  By the way, some of you might be interested in reading the collection -- send me an e-mail to receive it (, or maybe Phil can tell me how to post it somewhere on the website or do that for me if I send it to him.  Frank, you were a regular sort of guy -- a good American and a good freiend and a good classmate!

One of the nice things about this website is meeting classmates you never knew in high school.  I guess I'd point to Robert Gerson as the best example of that for me.  We have become good friends on-line, and I now possess an example of his craftmanship in the form of a knife made from collected materials and sent to me this winter.  He posted something very similar on his webpage here during one of his treatises on making stuff.

Another nice thing is that you get to know people twice, and I include Frank Raspey in that category.  To be truthful, I can't exactly remember how I knew Frank at TAHS, probably was in my home room, since I can't remember sharing sports or classes or other activities with him.  Anyway, we remembered each other well and formed a new friendship though the class website.

The bad things about this website are: 1) that you learn about the deaths of people you know and care about.  Seems like one after the other of us is goin' to the final downtown; 2) sometimes, as Billy Joey says in "Keeping the Faith": it seems like I've been lost In let's remember.  Man, the stuff we talk about here happened so long ago (creeping up on 60 years since I stepped out of Mifflin School into the vastness of Taylor Allderdice) that it makes me almost drown in memory.  I try to stay focused on the present and near future (as Frank and those who have left us before him can tell you, the far future is something getting more and more dangerous to contemplate).

So, Frank, I'm sorry that I didn't get to your viewing.  Maybe a few of us old dragons could have sat around together and pumped an Iron or two in your honor -- maybe even a Rolling Rock if we were feeling upscale.  Lay some in the 'fridge up there to get chilled until we can join you!

05/08/21 08:59 PM #7    

Joel Wingard

RIP, Frank. Point Breeze kid.  

March 8, Frank responded to my post about "Point Breeze Stories" and referenced his homeplace on N. Lang Ave. Hope he's gone to his rest there now.


05/08/21 09:38 PM #8    

Tom Allison

I hope so too, Joel.  I'm sure he'd be happy to be back there.

These thoughts inform us that we need to find something beautiful and meaningful -- and fun -- in each day that remains for each of us.

05/09/21 09:40 AM #9    

James Coslov

So sorry to learn of the passing of a great guy who I met in first grade. My family knew Frank's family very well. In fact, his wonderful mother used to watch my brothers and I when my parents were away. They lived about three blocks away. RIP my friend 


05/10/21 08:17 PM #10    

Robert Fischer

Frank was a friend.Sterrett,allderdice,Morris Harvey. All good last memory of Frank was early 1967. We were in the loaves and fishes.l was headed over seas. He did a reading and dedicated it to me.l was touched.l am sorry to hear of his passing. Untill we meet again pardner.


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